faq / technical support

Please call our technical support line at 866-707-1854 for any inquiries and warranty information.

Shredder will not turn on.
  1. Make sure the shredder is plugged in.
  2. Make sure the slide switch is in the Auto On position.
  3. Make sure the unit has not overheated. See the OVERHEATING section.
  4. Make sure the bin is empty and properly inserted. The Yellow Bin Full LED will be illuminated if the bin is full.
Paper is jammed in the auto feed tray.
  1. Reverse the jammed paper by sliding to Manual Reverse.
  2. Flip the safety cover up and remove jammed paper.
  3. Close the safety cover.
  4. Insert paper into the auto feed tray to resume normal operation.
Paper is jammed in the manual entry. If a paper jam is detected in the manual slot the shredder will stop running. Use the Manual Reverse position to dislodge the jammed paper.
Shredder suddenly stops while shredding.
  1. Make sure the unit has not overheated. See the OVERHEATING section.
  2. Make sure the bin is not full. See the BIN FULL section.
Shredder does not pull paper from the auto feed tray.
  1. Check that all staples are at the top of the page, furthest away from the shredder opening.
  2. Check that the paper is not folded or unsupported materials are in the autofeed tray.
  3. Reduce the number of sheets in the tray.
I need more shredder bags and lubrication sheets. Our customer support team would be happy to assist you with purchasing lubricant sheets and shredder bags that fit your shredders needs. Please call us for assistance at 866-707-1854. Do not be afraid to use your shredder while you are waiting for more lubricant sheets. Missing one or two oiling cycles will not damage your boxis® paper shredder.
My boxis® stopped working and I do not know what is wrong. What now? Please call us to troubleshoot your shredder at 866-707-1854. If we are unable to correct the problem, we will go over your shredders warranty coverage.
The packaging says I need to keep the box and all the internal packaging. How long do I need to keep this for? We request that you retain all the materials for 14 days. We are confident you are going to love your boxis®, but just in case there is a need to return the unit it is important that you keep the packaging. Thanks!