boxis® autoshred® AF500
Commercial Series
500 Sheet Autofeed Microcut Shredder

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A Revolution in Productivity™

  • The boxis® autoshred® AF500 shredder is light and compact. It's innovative auto paper feeder mechanism grabs documents one at a time and shreds them into unreadable microcut particles.
  • Just slide in a small stack of paper up to a 500 sheets and let the boxis® autoshred® do the work!
  • Ideal for a busy office!
Microcut Shred Particles
  • The boxis® autoshred® AF500 reduces a letter size sheet into over 1500 unreadable particles. The compact microcut waste maximizes the bin capacity which means you empty less often.
Autofeed Mode
  • Drop in a stack of 500 sheets into the Auto-Feed fold-out tray and watch the shredder tear through your shred job at 19.7 feet per minute! It will run for 60 minutes continuously before needing a cool down period.
Manual Feed Mode
  • The boxis® autoshred® AF500 also gives you the option to shred secure documents manually and instantly. A separate throat will shred up to 10 sheets instantly at 9.8 feet per minute with a 30 minute continuous runtime.

* Cut Type: Microcut
* Shred Size: 0.16" x 0.39" (4 x 10mm)
* Shreds: Paper, Standard Staples, Credit Cards and CD/DVD
* Auto Feed Sheet Capacity: 500
* Auto Feed Speed (feet per min): 19.7
* Auto Feed Continuous Run Time (min): 60
* Manual Feed Sheet Capacity: 10
* Manual Feed Speed (feet per min): 9.8
* Manual Feed Continuous Run Time (min): 30
* Throat Entry Width: 8.66" (220mm)
* Waste Bin Capacity: 14.0 gallons (53 liters)
* Auto Start/Stop: Yes
* Manual Reverse/Forward: Yes
* Bin Open Indicator: Yes
* Overload Indicator: Yes
* Overheat Indicator: Yes
* Bin Full Indicator: Yes
* Noise Level: 65 db
* DIN Security Level: P-4
* Dimensions: 18.5” x 14.8” x 31.3” (470 x 377 x 795mm)
* Unit Weight: 40.8 lbs (18.5 kg)

Product Warranty
Quality is guaranteed by a no-hassle 2-Year Limited Product Warranty.

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